I almost forgot my briefcase!

it contains important lab results

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"She’s really pretty for a black girl"


“He’s really cool for a gay guy”


“She’s doing really well for a woman”


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"Everyone is always going through tough things, the irony in it is that everyone thinks what they’re going through is just as hard as what you are. Life isn’t about surviving this, it’s about understanding this."

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If youre my girlfriend then there is absolutely no need to get jealous because im probably obsessed with you

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the single most embarrassing moment to ever happen in the history human existence

WHAT THE HELL. THIS IS jraquino's song!




Reblog this everytime because of the cat’s expression omg.

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Step Up 5: All In, again! This time..with these niggas. Last full show was totally worth it. 👊💁💃#Psynergy


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Anonymous asked:
seriously? are you kidding me? what guy wants a girl with arm hair or body hair of any kind? if you're honestly offended by that video you're dumb. he was describing what any guy would've found attractive, being a pretty, petite, skinny, naturally pretty girl, which is what most guys find attractive.


oh my god, the ignorance in this question is astounding. do you not realize that body hair is a completely completely fucking natural thing and girls don’t want your misogynistic piece of shit dick? it’s fine to have your preferences, whatever, but to say that all girls can’t be attractive unless they’re short skinny white girls is just completely wrong and incredibly offensive. some guys like fat girls, some guys like skinny girls, some guys don’t give a fuck about body hair and some like clean shaven girls. i respect everyone and their preferences but i cannot think of a valid reason as something like body hair, ESPECIALLY ON THE ARMS, is in any way unattractive? i shave my legs because i like the way they look in shorts, but the fact that you think you have ANY say in how a girl should treat her body is just you being arrogant and complete bullshit. additionally, nash’s audience is mainly girls aged 12-15 who are easily influenced and think they have to listen to a misogynistic, homophobic cuntlip to be attractive. no they don’t. im tired of guys thinking they have every right to dictate what girls HAVE to look like in order to be attractive. im a fucking human being, not some lesser being here to entertain you. also, i think some guys forget that girls can’t change how fucking tall they are or how they look. im a fucking tall, thin girl and i own that shit. im not petite, im 6 feet of beauty. i will step on you with my long fucking majestic legs and shove my arm hair down your throat until you suffocate. and then i’ll fill in your eyebrows

Great perhaps!

I’ve finally grew out my bangs. Excuse my scary eyebags tho.

071814 | I should date myself more often. 😌 (I used Aja as my name today. Next time I date myself, I’m going to be Alaska Young! Hahahahahahaha 😂)